About Andy

Andy Baggott is a healer, author and spiritual teacher. He has studied with masters from many traditions including Celtic, Native American, South American and Chinese. His current work focuses on empowering people to connect with their inner wisdom so that they may achieve health, happiness and fulfilment. He is a trained acupuncturist, natural nutritionist and Tai Chi teacher as well as a practicing shaman from the Celtic and pre-Celtic tradition.

He lectures and teaches extensively as well as running a busy healing practice from his home in Somerset, England.

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Andy's work

Andy helps people to discover and enact solutions to bring about an improvement and expansion of who they are. He does this through his writing, one-to-one consultations, family and group sessions, workshops and lectures.

He has appeared as an expert on discussion panels, most recently at The Cafe of Ideas in Bath discussing "Fear" and Bristol discussing "Power"

Andy is available for consultations for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems. He has 20 years experience in healing using a variety of healing arts and draws inspiration and understanding from both oriental and traditional western approaches to healing. His philosophy brings together ancient wisdom and cutting edge science to help people find healing and empowerment in their lives. He also brings his unique approach to businesses teaching stress management, problem solving and communication skills.

He lectures and teaches on a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Tai Chi - A Way of Life
  • A Holistic Approach to Care
  • Celtic Shamanism
  • Zen in Everyday Life
  • Understanding the Four Elements
  • Oriental Philosophy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Personal Empowerment
  • The Art and Science of Happiness

Andy in Shamanic Wisdomkeepers

Andy is featured in "Shamanic Wisdomkeepers" by Tim Freke as a representative of the Celtic Shamanic Tradition. It tells some of the story of how he discovered shamanism and includes an introduction to his teachings.

In it Tim writes:

'Andy Baggott is a Celtic shaman and healer. Like many westerners who have been drawn to Shamanism his life has been an inspiring story of spiritual awakening...Andy's understanding of Shamanism has been shaped by many traditions, but it is his indigenous Celtic tradition which he feels is the ground from which he works. Although often regarded as a "dead" tradition, for Andy Celtic spirituality is still very much alive.'

Other medicine people featured include Jamie Sams (Cherokee and Seneca Traditions), Martin Prechtel (Tzutujil Mayan Tradition), Lama Khemsar Rinpoche (Tibetan Yungdrung Bon Tradition) and Ernesto Alvarado (Apache Tradition).

Andy on TV and Radio

Andy regularly appears on television and radio.

His many interviews include:

  • BBC GMR - Lee Stone
  • LBC-Mike Allen - A series of 4 interviews
  • Talk Radio - Russel Grant      
  • Granada Breeze TV - Psychic Livetime: 4 separate interviews           
  • Wave FM - Cheryl Buggy
  • Brian Witman Show 
  • Frome FM - KIS lifestyle show 
  • Glastonbury Radio - Liz Josey
  • Sherbourne Radio - Cat Paterson