Celtic Shamanism

The Celtic Tradition

The Celtic spiritual tradition is based on a simple yet profound relationship with the natural world. Nature is our greatest teacher and through a life-style of ceremony and natural nutrition, we can learn to live in a natural and balanced way that facilitates happiness, health and fulfilment.

Nature as spiritual guide

Nature is a most powerful guide and ally on the spiritual path and has deep wisdom to share with anyone willing to still themselves and listen. Through eating a wholefood diet in harmony with the seasons, and honouring the turning of the year with ceremony, one can re-connect with the deep wisdom of Grandmother Earth. The shamanic path is an attitude to life in all its forms that has as its foundation honour and respect.

Andy's shamanic work

We are living in truly wonderful and exciting times of profound planetary and personal change. Many people are re-awakening and beginning to realise that there is so much more to life than what we have been led to believe. As a practicing shaman Andy acts as a guide to people who have begun the process of seeking a deeper meaning to their lives and shares his experience and understanding of the power of living in balance and harmony.


Natural cycles and rhythms

We are a part of nature and therefore are part of her natural cycles and rhythms. The day/night cycle, the lunar cycle and the Wheel of the Year are the three main cycles that Andy works with both personally and with clients. Andy performs sweatlodge ceremonies on the eight Celtic festivals that make up the Wheel of the Year as well as at other nodal times. The eight festivals mark changes in the seasonal cycle and by taking time out to tune into these energetic changes, we steer a smooth path that facilitates the expansion of our dreams and desires.

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The Celtic Forest

In the Celtic tradition trees are regarded as keepers of deep wisdom. Not only do they provide the materials for tools, medicines, weapons, dyes and buildings, they also provide spiritual teachings through their characteristics. To learn more about the trees of the Celtic Forest follow the woodland link below.

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