Balancing the mind


Meditation is fundamental to all the great spiritual teachers and an important practice for anyone who is seeking personal empowerment and happiness in their lives. There are many forms of meditation but they all have one thing in common, they allow space for clarity and inspiration to arise into the conscious mind. Andy practices and teaches Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Zazen and Taoist meditation.

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Zazen and Tai Chi Meditation

One of the wonderful things about Zazen and Tai Chi meditation is that it can be practiced anywhere and in any situation. This is because it is practiced with the eyes open and full awareness. It is about making a true connection with the outer universe (the macrocosm) and matching your own vibration (the microcosm) to its resonance. In this way you can be in harmony with all that is and choose which possibilities, from the unlimited field of potential, you want to call into actuality.

Zazen and Tai Chi meditation are both are rooted in Taoist shamanism and philosophy and share the same founding principles. These principles, linked to the Chinese Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, Wood) are:

  • Be centred
  • Stretch
  • Relax
  • Breathe
  • Concentrate

Being centred means being fully in the body. This acts as your connection to the earthly energies. Stretching is done by imagining a golden thread rising from the top of the head and gentling pulling you up. This opens the energies of the spine and the crown chakra so that you can draw in the heavenly energies. Relaxation in mind and body allows your chi (energy) to move freely. Breathing is done in a slow, relaxed way and allows for calmness and clarity. Concentration means opening up all the senses to full awareness of everything around you.

These principles can be applied to any situation and will allow for smooth passage through whatever energies you might encounter.

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