Andy has been writing since 1998 for the Mind, Body, Spirit market about a range of subjects including healing, shamanism and spiritual growth. Here are details of the books he has written. Some are now out of print but are readily available secondhand from and or if in the U.S. from and


Blissology - The Art and Science of Happiness is Andy's new book.

"You can have the life you want-and you can have it now. Reclaim your personal power with a simple four-step process that combines powerful law-of-attraction techniques, cutting edge science, and the wisdom of some of the world's oldest spiritual traditions."

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This is the second oracle set that Andy has produced with the fantasy artist Peter Pracownik. The Imperial Dragon Oracle is an inspirational guidance tool for the new millennium. The oracle shows how understanding the nature of change can enable anyone to navigate through life with calmness and ease. Designed as both a traditional tarot deck and an instructional guide to personal and spiritual growth, the Imperial Dragon Oracle is an innovative and timely contribution to the library of knowledge that so many are currently seeking.

Note: This pack comes with a booklet and not a standard book.

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"This was one of my favourite books to write. The whole creative process was really fulfilling as I was involved with all aspects of its creation including writing the text, choosing the photographs and writing the captions. Zen has been a strong influence in my life for many years so it was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to share some of my understandings of this deep, spiritual path. It contains much about how I view life and gives readers a series of useful tools for navigating through life's challenges."

Living the Zen Arts is an introduction to the history and principles of Zen and presents practical ways to make it a part of your life. Zen principles can be applied to all aspects of life and are explored in this book through a variety of different mediums. It is highly illustrated with beautiful pictures and step-by-step exercises to give you an experience of the power of Zen to help you find peace and enjoy a more balanced and creative life.

  • Take inspiration from the stories and wisdom of the Zen masters
  • Find inner peace and spiritual insight through meditation
  • Harmonize your mind and body with exercises drawn from the martial arts
  • Foster your creativity with painting, poetry and flower-arranging
  • Find calm and tranquility in the ancient Zen way of tea

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Navigating your way through life can be a challenge especially when the unexpected manifests into your life. At times like these it is useful to be able to step outside of the situation and gain a new perspective as one can often get lost in the moment and find the way ahead unclear. This is where consulting an oracle can be of great help. A word of wisdom from an outside source is like a light shone within the darkness-it illuminates bringing to light things that were previously unseen. Signs and omens show themselves to guide us through challenges if we can understand the process required to access them.

Ogham-The Celtic Oracle uses the wisdom of nature and more especially the deep wisdom of the Celtic trees to facilitate personal guidance and spiritual growth. It introduces the reader to the magical world of Celtic mysticism, a world that is simple yet multi-layered. Whether you are a first time visitor to the Celtic Otherworld or a seasoned traveller, this book and card set provides a set of doorways through which you can discover more about the Celtic Forest and in doing so gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your unfolding journey.

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The Celtic Wheel of Life combines the study of mythological and archaeological evidence alongside the modern day experience of a practising Celtic shaman to reveal a practical, spiritual path of natural living. It aims to show the reader that the Celtic tradition is a vibrant and infinitely practical guide to modern living that can have a very real and positive effect on one's life. It shows how a greater understanding of the natural world can facilitate profound learning which, in turn can help every individual to have a happier and more fulfilled life. The Celtic tradition is one that focuses on solutions rather than problems and on the interconnected nature of our amazing universe.

"When I first began to explore the Celtic path, I wanted to understand how my ancestors connected with the land and the true nature of their spiritual practices. I searched for good books on the subject but could find none. I quickly realised that the answers I was seeking lay within me, in the ancestral wisdom held within my DNA. So began a journey to uncover and reveal this wisdom. In The Celtic Wheel of Life I share some of my own discoveries and how they have helped me to connect with a deeper understanding of myself and the world about me."

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Dream Power is a unique concept combining an understanding of the nature of dreams with a vision of how to create the life of your dreams. Divided into two sections, the first part deals with dreaming and dream interpretation. It explains the purpose of dreams and how understanding dreams can be used to enhance the quality of one's life. The second part reveals how to change one's approach to life so that dreams become reality. It shows the reader how to unlock the true power of dreamtime and bring it into physical reality. In short, it tells the simple secrets to living the life of your dreams. An immensely practical and potentially life-changing work,Dream Power challenges each and every one of us to reclaim our dreams, to throw off misery and walk a path of happiness and fulfilment.

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This was Andy's first book about his understanding of the Celtic path. Celtic Wisdom is a simple and accessible introduction to Celtic spirituality. It explores how we can feel more connected to who we really are by connecting with the natural world. It covers many different aspects of Celtic spirituality and explains how you can use and integrate Celtic wisdom to gain access to your own inner wisdom. Combining Celtic legends with practical exercises, it enables you to experience Celtic spirituality for yourself. In it you will discover:

  • The history and traditions of the Celts
  • The wisdom of the natural world
  • The importance of sacred sites and stone circles
  • Celtic herblore and healing traditions
  • How to work with simple ritual and ceremony
  • The relevance of Celtic wisdom for today

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"It took me many years of study before I understood what the I Ching was really about. Once I did however, I realised that it is indeed a powerful and deeply mystical book of magic and wisdom. Its ability to comment clearly on any situation has made it a valuable tool for me on my spiritual path. I found that many people I met were confused by its apparent complexity so I wrote this book to help them understand the simple truths on which it is based and how to use it as a powerful tool of divination."

Teach Yourself I Ching will not only demystify this 5000-year-old divinatory system, butalso provides the reader with a firm grounding in the principles of Oriental philosophy and Chinese medicine. It contains simple, but complete interpretations of each of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching along with the meaning of the individual lines in each hexagram. It also includes details of some of the lesser-known aspects of the I Ching including Nuclear Hexagrams. It includes:

  • The History of Divination in China
  • The Origins of Yin and Yang
  • Foundations of Oriental Philosophy
  • Foundations of Oriental Medicine
  • How to use the I ching

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"When I was asked to write this book, I wanted to create an introduction to the runes that was simple, yet deep." Runes is a highly accessible introduction to the use of this ancient alphabet for divination, protection, healing and spiritual understanding. There are detailed explanations of the meanings of the 24 runes in the runic alphabet along with clear and simple to follow instructions on how to consult and interpret the runes for yourself and for others.

Parts of this book were used in two further books: Arts of Divination (Lorenz Books 2004) and How to Predict the Future (Southwater Publishing 2008).

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All in colour! Total well being comes from a life that is in balance and harmony - not just the mere absence of illness. Take a fresh approach to eliminating disease and achieving emotional fulfilment though the eastern concept of chi, or the flow of good energy. With this far-ranging and comprehensive encyclopedia, you get advice on what form of healing energy to apply, how to select a complementary therapist, and what to expect from the process. Understand exactly how this therapeutic procedure works - both "body energetics" and "precious energy." Eat and drink to boost chi - and your health. Practical exercises show how and when to try energy healing in the home. Tap into one or more forms of holistic medicine: the healing touch; traditional Chinese practices; mind energy; esoteric energy; crystals; flowers and plants; or colour, light, and sound. Find out which conditions benefit from this type of healing. It's the key to recovery and transformation!

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co-written with Grey Wolf

"I have always felt a strong connection with the Native American path and some of my greatest teachers were of that tradition so it was a particular delight to be asked to work with Grey Wolf on this project."

The dense forests of north-eastern America were once home to the Algonquian tribes whose highly developed culture addressed the need of having congenial relations with their neighbours. The Friendship Pack helps readers to rediscover these fundamental life principles with a beautifully illustrated book about the history and culture of the Algonquian people and European settlers in America, and a medicine bag, used in Algonquian communities as a ritual gift to cement ties of friendship. The Friendship Pack is a vibrant instructional manual about how to live a happier and more harmonious life by changing for the better and learning from the wisdom of the ancient ones.

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co-written with Sally Morningstar

"This is a fun little introduction to working with crystals. I love crystals and never ceased to be amazed by their power to bring about positive change." This volume offers a comprehensible guide to the healing power of crystals. It details the history and modern use of crystals as well as the theories behind their use in healing. Practical instructions are given on harnessing the power of crystals for healing adults, children, and animals. Chapters cover the history of crystals, colour, sound, vibrational healing, chakras, magic, and tips on combining gem, crystal and flower essences.

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co-written with Grey Wolf & Sally Morningstar

In the West, most people know their zodiac sign, and many know which animal represents them in the virtual menagerie of the Chinese horoscope. Earth Signs shows you how to discover a different sort of connection--a connection with the natural world, through the shamanic traditions of Native North Americans. Earth Signs offers you a form of personal guidance, by telling you what parts of nature--animal and mineral--you are identified with by birth sign--and by revealing how those earth spirits can help you choose the right path in your Earth walk.

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