Healing the body

Andy's approach to healing the body

Working from the fundamental principle that your body never works against you, Andy helps people connect with their inner wisdom so that they make all the connections necessary to manifest wholeness. The body is always seeking to find balance. It always works to do the very best it can for you given the circumstances it is presented with. The body is the lab, but the mind is the scientist and when the two come together in partnership, anything is possible. We each have remarkable powers of self-healing and rejuvenation with the ability to heal from any kind of dis-ease.

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Working in harmony with Nature

It is so useful to understand our interconnectedness with the natural cycles and seasonal changes. We are all affected by the turning seasons whether we are aware of it or not. When we become aware of this connection, we open a doorway in our consciousness that allows us access to universal wisdom. By responding to how we feel and what we experience in nature around us, we can more easily navigate through these changing times.

The Autumn Equinox

The autumn equinox (around 23 September) marks a nodal turning point in the energies of both our planet and our bodies. An equinox occurs when the sun is at right angles to the equator and marks a shift in the movement of energy in the body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, at the autumn equinox the kidneys become more active and the energy from them rises up the back and down the front of the body. This signals a time of lower energy than at the spring equinox when the liver is more predominant. Our bodies begin preparation for activating more warming, yang energy to remain balanced with the more cooler, yin temperatures of winter.





Working with the moon

After the autumn equinox it becomes more important to allign and work with the moon. During the winter months the connection between us and the moon is much more significant than in the summer. The winter time is the time of the kidneys, which in Chinese Medicine is governed by the Water element. The single biggest natural influence on water is the moon. Just as the tides rise and fall each day under the influence of the moon, so too do our own body fluids ebb and flow.

When the moon is waning, the body naturally does more detoxification with the greatest releasing taking place in the hours leading up to the new moon. When the moon is waxing, the body naturally does more assimilation with the greatest acquiring taking place in the hours leading up to the full moon. Immediately after the full moon, the body shifts from assimilation to detoxification and this initial release can bring with it huge positive shifts in consciousness. Detoxification means letting go of anything that is not you, from toxins to negative thoughts and emotions.







The New and Full Moon

In the times leading up to the new and full moon it is helpful to assist the body through its natural changes by applying the appropriate nutrition and naturopathic techniques. This is learnt through following your feelings and connecting with your body at a cellular level. In this way you go into partnership with your amazing physical self to facilitate a raising of your vibration and an expanding of who you are on every level. The new and full moon are times of opportunity for healing the body because they are both times when the body seeks to let go. For this reason some people choose to fast on the days of the new and full moon.