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The Search for Bliss

Wouldn't it be nice if we could be the best we can imagine ourselves to be? Wouldn't it be wonderful to aspire to and achieve greatness? Wouldn't it be so good to live in the experience of ever expanding good feelings? If we can imagine it, we can make it real.

Your inner wisdom

We are each born with an inner knowing of who we really are and our amazing potential for greatness. This inner wisdom has a physical and non-physical aspect. We hold within our DNA the accumulated wisdom of all our ancestors. Imagine for a moment the depth of knowledge that comes from the life experiences of the thousands and millions of your ancestors. Ancient spiritual traditions have known and acknowledged this for thousands of years. It is called honouring the ancestors. This physical line of wisdom accumulates and expands with each new life. It is a vast library of knowledge that holds the solutions to any problem we may encounter.

Your eternal consciousness

We are each eternal consciousness that is on a continual journey of experience and expansion. Indeed it is this continually expansive journey that fuels the very expansion of our universe. The greater part of our consciousness lives outside of space and time in non-physical reality. This non-physical part of us has also accumulated great wisdom on its journey in and out of space and time. It is our connection to divine consciousness. This non-physical line of wisdom holds the answer to any question we might ask. Together the wisdom of our ancestors and that of our soul path forms our inner wisdom, a powerful resource from which we can manifest unlimited possibilities.

Connecting sprituality and your inner wisdom

Spirituality is the key that gives us access to that inner wisdom so that we can become the master creators of our own reality; so that we can manifest the life of our dreams and realize bliss. Spirituality means the refining of thought, feeling and self and is about raising our vibration and consciousness to higher and more refined levels so that we can see a new perspective and unlock our latent potential. We are each far greater than we realise and have a potential beyond our imagining. So what kind of life do you want? What kinds of relationships and friendships inspire and thrill you? You are the artist of your life; so why not expand the range of colours you work with and paint a bigger picture?


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